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Joan Sheehy brings back Live Theatre:

LIVE THEATRE: Wed 7th - Sun11th July; Kilmallock, ( from car park), at 8pm. Don't forget to book your tickets for Joan Sheehy's production - ' In the Middle of the Fields'. Starring: Kathy Rose O’Brien and written by Mary Lavin. Audiences can expect a unique atmospheric experience, in an open sided tent, so wrap up well. The story centres around a young widow who displays a strong independent spirit in running her farm. An encounter one night, with a neighbouring farmer becomes emotionally charged and unsettling, posing provocative questions about past passions in a surprising story that promises to leave you captivated. Tickets available online at or ring 061-953400.
LEGO CHALLENGE: You can support the Children's Grief Centre by walking barefoot on Lego pieces.! You can also avoid the pain by just texting "CGC" to 50300 to donate €4. The Children's grief centre will receive a minimum of €3.60. The serivce provider is LIKECHARITY. Helpline 076 6805278.
CLOTHES COLLECTION: Final weekend to clean out those wardrobes. Granagh NS Parents' Association are collecting Clothes, Shoes, Bedding, (not duvets), Towels, Handbags and belts. Tied bags only please. Drop off at Parochial House Granagh:- Fri July 2nd 3-6pm; Sat July 3rd 6-8pm; Sun July 4th 10am - 12pm.
CAR BOOT SALE: Sat 10th Jul; 8.30am - 1pm. Adm €2. Will be held in NCW community centre (opposite Aldi), also includes a Farmer's Market: FOOD & AGRI: I came across this report on the "IRISH BEEF BEER BREAD SECTORS", commissioned by Luke Ming Flanagan MEP, and written by Seamus Maye, back in 2015. This post is about Food and Agri in Ireland. It's called WHY? For a country boasting the finest conditions for agricultural produce in the world and with a rich tradition in food production:- Why does Ireland import 72,000 tonnes of potatoes? Why does Ireland import 47,000 tonnes of onions? Why does Ireland import 29,000 tonnes of tomatoes? Why does Ireland import 23,000 tonnes of cabbage? Why does Ireland import 15,000 tonnes of lettuce? (CSO figures 2017). Why did Ireland shut down our sugar beet industry? Why do we not process "Fifth Quarter" produce from cattle, sheep and pigs? When compiling the report back in 2015, Seamus sought to contact a well known organic farming family to get their views on food production. He was quite taken aback to receive the following reply:- "Unfortunately the multiples (supermarkets) got the better of us trying to sustain ourselves from our small organic farm and we have recently thrown in the towel and moved to New Zealand". I wonder have things changed much since then, for better or worse ?? I suppose it's easy to say we should all be growing some few veg but that requires time, which people don't seem to have. Lockdown did provide people with the opportunity to try a garden or grow a small selection of veg, which gives a great sense of achievement. It is wonderful to see schools introducing gardening to the students and it should be encouraged at home. Going back to our parent's time, every home had a garden, which supplied all their requirements. GER's CYCLE: This August Ger Mullane is organising and taking part in a 640km cycle around Munster, in aid of Down Syndrome Ireland. Any donation is very much appreciated, on the gofundme page, for this very worthy cause. His own company - - is generously part of the jersey sponsorship. Down Syndrome Ireland Tour De Munster returns for its 21st year in 2021. The primary beneficiaries are the Munster Branches of Down Syndrome Ireland.
DID YOU KNOW: The average life expectancy of women in Japan is 86 - the highest in the world. One ragweed plant can produce a billion pollen grains, which can each travel one hundred miles, by wind. A duck's feet contain no nerves or blood vessels, enabling them to swim in freezing water. Temperatures at the centre of the Earth can reach 7000*F. Cows are know to 'moo' with regional accents !


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