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Granagh (Greanach) is a small community with a total of 300 houses in the parish.  Nestled at the foot of Knockfierna, in the middle of the Golden Vale; the name means a  'gravely place'.


 It is a chapel village, which means that the village grew around the church.  The present church was built in 1831 and is dedicated to St. Joseph. Outside the church there is a Millenium Grotto that was erected to commemorate the year 2000.     

The Hill of Knockfierna dominates the surrounding countryside. Knockfierna is translated into Irish as Cnoc Fírinne, which means 'the Hill of Truth'.    Locals say that the Hill was given this name because it is possible to get an accurate weather prediction by observing the Hill.                                 According to legend, a being called Donn Fírinne lived on the Hill, and it was he who gave the Hill its name.    Some stories say he was the king of the fairies, while others say he was the Celtic god of Death.    The Hill of Knockfierna is a place of lore and traditions - e.g.                                        people used to bury eggs in hay and crops of corn, and they also used to bury parts of dead animals in places near the hill.

The building that is now Granagh Community Centre was originally a National School.                   Built in 1868 with the help of a grant from the British Government, during the reign of Queen Victoria.    It would go on to serve the community for the next hundred years until St Joseph’s NS opened its doors in 1967.                                                                                                                     It is worth noting that the old school also served as a venue for interesting gatherings that led to formation of many a great organisation.                                                                                          Some still here today, other’s, long since gone such as the  local Land league branch in the 1870s, Granagh Co-op 1891, The Granagh Davitt’s GAA , Home Rule and National Volunteers branches 1900s.                                                                                                                                        Through the troubled times from 1916 to the formation of the new state the people of Granagh would have met here to deal with the issues of the day.                                                                  The local Fine Gael and Fianna Fail cumann  are resident since the 1930s.                                         The Local Defence Force assembled there in the 1940s to defend the Parish, in case Hitler invaded.  


 Muintir na Tire were formed there in the 1950’s and the Group water Scheme in the 1960’s.               Drama and Light Entertainment took centre stage in Granagh Hall in the late 60’s into the  70’s and 80’s with the formation of the local Macra na Feirme.                                                                      The very successful Granagh Camogie Club got together in 1976 and the Soccer club kicked off in the Hall in 1991.                                                                                                                                   1n 2003 a group of interested parishioners formed Granagh Development Association and they successfully transferred the ownership of the hall from the church to the association.


Granagh  Parish is made up of 16 townlands:

  • Granagh:-   Greanach   -  Gravelly Place.

  • Lisduane Upper/Lower:-   Lios Dubháin  - The enclosure of Dubhán

  • Graigbeg:-  An Ghráig Bheag   -   The small hamlet

  • Coolrus:-   Cúlros  - Rear high place 

  • Ballinleena:

  • Woodcock:

  • Kingsland:- Fearann an Rí          

  • Doorlus:- Durlas - Oaken enclosure

  • Liskennett East/West:- Lios Coinéad -The enclosure of Coinéad

  • Graigacurra:- Gráig an Churraigh - The hamlet of the wet land

  • Killoughty:- Cill Ochta -The church of  ? (uncertain)

  • Kilmacanerla North/South:- Cill Mhic an Iarla - The church of the son of the Earl

  • Knockfierna:- Cnóc na Firínne.- The Hill of Truth.

  • Ballynashig:

  • Kilatal:

  • Ballyvologue:- Baile Bhológ - Meaning uncertain.


  Knockfierna (Cnoc na Firínne), a volcanic eruption, is the highest point at 950ft and divides the parish     from its other half,  Ballingarry.     The name means  'Hill of Truth'  and took its name from Donn Firinne,   son of Milesius, who was drowned in a magic storm, but  raised by the spells of the Tuatha De Dannain.        Donn, however, changed into a fairy and went to reside in an airy palace under the Hill.


  In the Holy Year of 1950, through the promptings of  Canon Thomas Wall, P.P. Ballingarry,  a cross 36ft     high was erected on the summit.  The lights on the cross were switched on by Fr. O’Keeffe on 15th of     August 1952.   


From Limerick –   Take N20.  After Croom bypass, at Anhid Cross,take 1st right.  Travel for about 4mls,  you will pass O'Gorman's shop & Filling Station on left hand side.  Chawkes Cross is next.  The first sharp left takes you to Church and School.

From Cork: -    Travel on N20 to O’Rourke’s Cross, Take a left there, on to the R518 to Lees  Cross.          At Lees Cross, take first right for Granagh, arriving at Chawke’s Cross.

From Newcastle West: -   Take the R518, Kilmallock direction and turn left at Lees Cross.

Services: -    

St. Joseph’s National School.             St. Joseph’s  Church.

O’Gorman’s  Shop & Petrol Station.     The Rock Bar.


Facilities: -        Community Centre.    Soccer Pitch.   Camogie Field.  Liskennett Autism Farm.

                         Liskennett Forest Car Park at Entrance to Coillte's Liskennett Wood.


Clubs:      -         GAA.  Soccer Club.   Camogie Club.    Community  Games.


Voluntary  Organisations:                 Granagh  Development  Association.

                                                         Granagh Water Group Society Ltd. ( joined West Limk Group                                                                                                                        Water Scheme, 2020)

                                                         Granagh Players, Drama Group.      

                                                         Granagh Graveyard  Committee.  

                                                          Granagh Utd. Soccer Club.

                                                         Granagh Nat.Sch Parents' Assoc. 

                                                         Granagh/Ballingarry GAA Club.

                                                         Granagh /Ballingarry Camogie Club.

                                                         Granagh/Ballingarry Ladies Football Club.

                                                         Granagh/ Ballingarry Gun Club.


                                                          Knockfierna Golf Society.

                                                          Knockfierna Heritage Society.

                                                          Knightstreet  Bridge Club, Ballingarry.



Nearest Secondary Schools:  -   Croom, Rathkeale, Charleville, Newcastle West.

Nearest  Post Office: -                 Ballingarry & Croom.

Nearest Banks :-                          AIB - Adare.    AIB / Bank of Ireland, Charleville.

Nearest Preschool:-                     Granagh Pebbles Montessori / After-School, Knockfierna.  

                                                     Ballingarry Montessori & After-School-Service.

Creche/Preschool: -                     Tots to Teens, Banogue.

Preschool:-                                    Free Range Kids, The Old Rectory Croom.                                                                                  ( Summer camps, Sch tours, Birthday parties )

Steiner School:-                           Croi Na Coille, Buttercup Farm.


Nearest  Methodist Church: -       Blackabbey, Adare.    061 - 396236

Nearest Church of Ireland:  -        St. Nicholas, Adare.   Rev. Gary Paulsen.

Nearest Anglican Church : -         Croom.   Rev. Stan Evans. 


Nearest Doctors : -      Rylanes Medical Centre, Ballingarry.     069 – 68200.

Shannon Doc  –          Newcastle West.1850-212-999.

Nearest Pharmacy: -   Plunkett’s , Croom.  061 – 397272.                                                                                              O'Riordan's Ballingarry.  069 – 68801.   

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