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Thank You Fr. Dan:

Fr. Dan & Sr. Margaret in suitable attire for the 1916 Commemoration.

TRIBUTE TO FR. DAN: Fr. Dan's departure was delayed due to Covid, but he volunteered to remain on until September so that Communions & Confirmations could be celebrated. A parishioner composed this very fitting poem for him:

"Granagh Ballingarry, a place with people who care, And views from Knockfierna, so beautifully rare. Many years ago a vacancy arose Dan Lane was the man, the bishop chose. A Kerryman by birth, working in Limerick now “ I’ll do my very best “, he did vow.

A smile for all, a heart full of gold, His commitment to the job, a joy to behold. He baptised the babies, with oil on the head He anointed the sick, and buried the dead,

He visited the schools, and asked children to pray He administered the sacraments, and said Mass every day. He brought communion to the sick, he married the young, And comforted the bereaved, with words from his tongue. He listened to our sins, which we recalled in confession Then asked us to say, a good act of contrition.

He left no stone un-turned, his enthusiasm incredible The legacy left behind, will be truly indelible. Now the time has come, for you to go God bless you Fr. Dan, we’ll miss you so".


Another Kerryman, Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh celebrated his 90th Birthday on Thursday 20th August.

Uachtarán CLG John Horan paid tribute to the legendary broadcaster and extended the best wishes of the GAA to him on this auspicious occasion.

Uachtarán Horan said: “To be known simply by your first name is one of the greatest accolades that you can have bestowed on you in Irish life.

“And so it has been for Micheál. No more explanation needed.

“Just like the great Micheál Ó Hehir before him and who the GAA were so fortunate to also have involved in promoting our games with a distinctive voice from behind the microphone, Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh is as synonymous with Gaelic games as Croke Park, Semple Stadium, St Tiernach’s Park or Dr Hyde Park.

“For those who couldn’t be there at a game – there was still the chance to feel like you were there.

“To surf the wave of excitement and drama and to be carried away and feel as much a part of the action as if you were sitting pitch side in person. “That was Micheál’s gift.

“It was delivered in an inimitable style that enabled you connect with players and not just be in awe of them as sportspeople, but getting a sense of who they were through the personal knowledge and anecdotes that were imparted so expertly along the way.

“His respect for the games and the players was paramount."

DID YOU KNOW: 17th Aug, 1946:- George Orwell publishes "Animal Farm" in the UK. 18th Aug, 1937:- Toyota Motor Company founded. 19th Aug, 1960:- Soviet Sputnik 5, carries 2 dogs, 2 rats, 40 mice, 1 rabbit and fruit flies into orbit, all returned alive. 20th Aug, 1966:- Beatles pelted with rotten fruit during Memphis concert. 21st Aug, 1911:- The Mona Lisa stolen in France 22nd Aug, 1972:- IRA bomb explodes prematurely in Newry, nine people killed in the explosion. 23rd Aug, 2005:- Hurricane Katrina forms over the Bahamas, later to become a category 5.

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