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Congratulations to our Granagh Boys on their First Holy Communion on 6th August - Ryan McDonagh, Michael O'Brien, Rory Stapleton, Thomas Storan, Daniel Hartigan & Conor Sexton.

COMMUNION: Congratulations to the six boys who received their first Holy Communion - Ryan McDonagh, Michael O'Brien, Rory Stapleton, Thomas Storan, Daniel Hartigan and Conor Sexton.

TRÓCAIRE/ BEIRUT: You have seen that massive explosion in the port of Beirut, last week where at least 5,000 were injured and the damage has left up to 300,000 people homeless. Trócaire is responding to the urgent needs on the ground in Beirut. Our local partner - Caritas Lebanon - is providing emergency supplies to people, providing medical assistance and helping to clear the rubble. Damage was extensive and devastating, with reports of windows being shattered up to fifteen miles away. A blast of this magnitude is a major crisis whenever it occurs, but it comes in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and economic collapse in Lebanon. The blast damaged store houses containing wheat which has left many concerned about the availability of food in the country. The country has also been affected by the war in Syria and is generously hosting over one million Syrian refugees – the highest per capita of any country in the world. Dealing with the impact of this explosion on top of these existing crises will be very difficult for the country. Caritas Lebanon’s headquarters was also badly damaged by the explosion. Fortunately, the office had closed shortly before the explosion and therefore no staff were injured. Lebanon is going to need as much international assistance as possible to help them through this crisis. If you would like to donate online - - or by phoning 1850 408 408.

DID YOU KNOW: 10th Aug, 1975: - Jack Nicklaus wins his 4th PGA crown. 11th Aug, 1984: - Carl Lewis wins his 4th Olympic gold medal as part of the US relay team. 12th Aug, 1981: - IBM Releases it's first personal computer. 13th Aug, 2016; - Michael Phelps ends his career at the Rio Olympics winning a 23rd gold medal. 14th Aug, 1945: - V-J Day, Japan surrenders unconditionally to end WW II. 15th Aug, 1998: - Omagh Bombing Northern Ireland. 16th Aug, 1977: - Elvis Presley dies of heart attack.

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