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'Fresh Oct brings the Pheasants, then to gather nuts is pleasant '

PARISH PILGRIMAGE 2020: Thursday 10th, 7.30pm: Meeting in the community centre for anyone interested in joining the Parish Pilgrimage to Lourdes, leaving Easter Monday, next year. Everything will be explained, with details of flights, hotel costings etc available, as decisions will need to be made at the meeting. So, if you are interested in travelling come along for further information.

DEV. ASSOC A.G.M : Thursday 10th, 8.30pm: Granagh Development Association will be holding their AGM in the Community Centre this week . We hope new members will feel free to attend and thereby get involved in various projects that interest them. New Volunteers are always needed for local organisations and we welcome all who are interested in the future of the parish.

TABLE QUIZ: Friday 11th, 9pm: Granagh Utd will be holding their annual table quiz in The Rock Bar this coming Friday night. Always a fun night with great raffle prizes. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

GIVE BLOOD: Wednesday 9th Oct, Longcourt House Hotel, Newcastle West, appointments available between 5pm - 8pm. Thursday 10th Oct in the Longcourt; walk-in-clinic from 5pm to 8pm.

C0-0P CLOSING: Our Dairygold Co-Op Stores will be closing its doors on Friday 18th Oct. The Company undertook a review of their store network & took the following into consideration - commercial performance for long term viability, customer base, physical condition, upgrade costs, store size, location & facilities. Unfortunately, the Granagh store was among a number that were deemed not viable into the future. Business will be transferred to either Ardagh ( 069-76232 / 061-399012 ) or Raheen(061-301299). Mary Deane, Area sales Manager is available on 022-31644 for any queries. Our sincere thanks to Pat Gubbins who has been running the store, on his own, for the past sixteen years. He travels from east Limerick, in all kinds of weather, arriving punctually, to serve the local customers. He has got to know everyone over the years and does his job efficiently and pleasantly. What a great service he has been provided to the community, down through the years and his presence will be greatly missed. It will be very strange when passing, to see the door closed and no activity around the place. Wishing Pat, the best of luck in the next phase of his employment and thank you from the local community.

FRIARS GATE: Lots of events coming up at Friars Gate for October. Sat 12th, Kris Kristofferson Show. Art & Craft Classes commencing Tue 17th. Introduction to fiction writing with Sheila Quealey, commencing Wed 18th, 2-4pm. ' Tess of the D'urbervilles' by Thomas Hardy will be presented on Sun 20th at 8pm. The One Act Drama Festival will be held over the weekend of Fri 25th to Sun 27th, 8pm nightly. A feast of drama, three plays per night for three nights, adjuciator Alan Howley. For further info or bookings - 063 - 98727 or

TEXT ALERT : Completed forms and accompanying contributions were collected at the Church, on Sat 5th . You can be drop any others into O'Gormans, where the box will be available for a few more days. Please note: All existing members must re-register to continue with this important service.

USED STAMPS: Just a reminder to keep collecting those used postage stamps, I couldn't believe how many stamps I received from people last year !. I send them to the Handmaids of the Sacred Heart in Stillorgan, who also have centres in Portugal, France and England. Just a sample of their projects; - working in Sukaria, Indonesia, the sisters began a Bamboo furniture making project to help the poor there. They got locals to plant bamboo by the village lake (contaminated by chemicals in the extraction of bauxite) and in a swampy are which was previously forest. They hope that the water lost by deforestation will remain there and possibly increase. Another project in Odisha, India is helping the Rickshaw pullers to own their own Rickshaw. Many are migrants from another state, their living conditions are pathetic, they live in rented houses with only one room for the whole family to cook in and sleep. They have been very badly treated by life, often victims of human rights violations. A rickshaw costs about E220 and so far they have given them four new ones and twenty eight second hand. Becoming owners is the first step in avoiding exploitation and having financial identity. They have also given scholarships to five children from these families with the hope that they may have better jobs and more options in the future.

DIARY: Fri 4th - 11th Oct: Limk Mental Health Week. Wed 9th: Monster Bingo, Charleville Park, 8.30pm. Thur 10th: AGM of Granagh Dev. Assoc,8.30pm. Fri 11th: Granagh Utd, Pub Quiz. 9pm. Fri 11th: R.Keale Historical Soc, 8.30pm - 'The Dunraven Estate'. Fri 11th - 13th: Joyce Bros Festival, Kilfinane. Sat 12th: Pink Ribbon Event at Foleys', Ballyagran. Tue 15th: Yoga in the Hall at 7.30pm. Sun 20th: Afternoon Tea Dance, Bruree Hall.

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