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MASSES RETURN: We had a fine crowd at our first Sunday mass, last week, great to see people out and about again. Thanks to Roisin Sexton for the lovely addition of music and song. There is no weekday morning mass in Granagh for the present, but it will resume shortly. The programme of Masses will be as follows;- Ballingarry - Tuesdays, Wednesdays at 10am, Vigil Mass Saturdays at 7pm, (beginning 11th, 12th & 15th May). Granagh - Sundays 10.30am, (beginning 16th May).
REMEMBERING OUR DECEASED: For the month of May, we remember our family, friends and neighbours, whose mortuary cards are displayed on the Church noticeboard:- Paddy Noonan, Dan Hynes & Fr. Martin Bennett, Granagh. May Houlihan, Stylepark. Maurice J. Sheehy, Coolruss. Michael O'Regan & John Costello (Bansha), Graigacurra. Christina Chawke, Ballyvologue. Teresa Twomey, Kilatal. Peg O'Riordan, Lisduane. Bridie Broderick, Kilmacanearla. Peg Treacy, Sheila Conway & Thomas O'Donovan, Killoughty. Mick O'Carroll, Liskennett. Michael J. Purtill, Graiguebeg. Michael & Mary Sheehy, Castletown. Timmy Con Brosnan, Broadford. Fr. Edward Kinnane, Pallasgrean. Edmond Duggan, Mallow. Sr. Rosa Power.
A great initiative, which sees women playing gaelic football in a fun, social and non competitive environment. Are you over 25 and looking to get active and meet new people ? Granagh Ballingarry Gaelic for Mothers and Others team are returning to training. No previous playing experience necessary. For more details contact Orla 0n 086-8946267.
You may not have realised - but world bee day is on Thursday, 20 May and this date was chosen because, the pioneer of beekeeping, Anton Janša was born in 1734 in Slovenia, on this day. Some people might not consider this to be important but they probably do not know that one third of the food they eat and the drinks they consume requires pollination to exist. !!
Bees not only contribute to the pollination of wildflowers, but also to the pollination of agricultural crops. It is estimated that bees and other pollinators pollinate almost 90% of flowering plants and “70% of the world’s main food crops.
Bee Day celebrations raise awareness about the threats to bees by human activities and the role of bees for the ecosystem.
There are almost 20,000 different species of bees in the world, but there has been a severe decline in these numbers in recent years, brought about by factors such as habitat loss, a decline in wildflowers, pests and disease, agricultural chemicals, and climate change. Ireland is home to 97 native bee species.
Bees live in colonies. In each colony, there are three types of bees, the queen bee, the worker bee, and the drone. The worker and the queen bee both are females, all drones are male. Worker bee’s tasks are to clean the hive, collect pollen and nectar to feed the colony and take care of the offspring. The drone only mates with the queen. The queen’s only job is to lay eggs.
Some well known types of bees - Honey bees, Bumblebees, LeafCutter/Mason bees, Digger bees and Mining bees
How can you help the bees; - Sow wildflower seeds. Less mowing means more food for pollinators.
Fifteen of our solitary bees are cavity-nesting bees and use holes such as bamboo shoots or holes drilled into wood to nest. Create a safe nesting place with an Insect Hotel, in a south-facing position.
Thanks to Jim Houlihan for the following reminiscence . The recent ceremonies at Shanabhotha graveyard commemorating the murder of Lieutenant Michael O’Shea by Crown Forces on 10th of May 1921, evokes memories of a splendid ceremony at the same location in 1966. The event was, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Easter Rising, 1916. It had been organised by a local committee headed up by Paddy Power and Sean Shine.
Lieutenant O’Shea was killed and Volunteer Patrick Benson was seriously wounded in an engagement consequent to the Granagh Volunteer Company intercepting an ex-British soldier named Ryan who was on a spying mission in the area. By coincidence, another ex-British soldier, William Hennessy, (grandfather to, Ann Moran ) Killatal, was training the Granagh Volunteers. A military Mass was celebrated in Granagh Church during which, a group of soldiers, including a trumpeter, marched to the Altar to pay Homage at the Consecration. After Mass, the Army led a march to Shanabhotha. It may be more correct to say they led a procession because, not surprisingly, the march broke down on the way.
The great Mannix Joyce delivered a powerful oration at the graveside of Michael O’Shea. Part of that oration has been referenced in Thomas Toomey’s Book, “The War of Independence in Limerick, 1912-1921”.
It was followed by the rosary. The volley was fired over the grave and Michael O’Shea was accorded full Military Honours. Sean Shine thanked all who had contributed in making the event the great occasion it proved to be.
An Army Bugler sounded The Last Post and brought proceedings to a close. Just as the large crowd began to disperse, the organisers looked at each other - it just occurred to them that no one had arranged for a photo !


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