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CLOTHES COLLECTION: Clear out your wardrobes, make space for Summer and help Granagh NS Parents' Association raise funds to cover activities and admin. Clothes, Shoes, Bedding, (not duvets), Towels, Handbags and belts will all be accepted. Tied bags only please. Drop off at Parochial House Granagh:- Fri June 25th 3-6pm; Sat June 26th 6-8pm; Sun June 27th 10am - 12pm; & Fri July 2nd 3-6pm; Sat July 3rd 6-8pm; Sun July 4th 10am - 12pm. PAROCHIAL HOUSE Don't forget, Granagh Dev.Assoc would like to know the views of the parish, on the parochial house and what it could be used for, to benefit the community ? You can let us know your thoughts/ideas through the Facebook page, Web page, E-mail or by contacting any committee member. This information is vital to the GDA so that we can gauge community interests and then prepare a plan to go forward. Please e-mail your views to - or add your comments on our facebook page - granaghcommunitynews. FUN DAY: Saturday 19th June; 10am - 1pm: Ballyhoura Beo are running a Free Family Fun Day event , to celebrate the beautiful natural space of Croom Town Park and to encourage physical activity along with environmental education. The fun day will contain a variety of fun active workshops including nature drumming, orienteering and scavenger courses and informative guided walks run by the Maigue Rivers Trust. Workshops suitable for all ages, there promises to be something for the whole family to enjoy. Please note - to ensure social distancing, your free places will need to be pre-booked on the website - Self-Led Orienteering and Self-Led Scavenger Hunt does not require pre-booking, pick up your map from the check-in desk outside & head off to explore! LIMERICK GARDEN FEST: Friday 18th June at 8pm. As Limerick Garden Festival won't be able to go ahead again this year due to continued restrictions for large scale gatherings, the organisers are running a series of webinars, beginning Friday evening. The expert panel will consist of Tom Guiltenane, D&M Garden Centre, Nell Stritch of 'Pressed Flowers by Nell' and Jim McNamara, founder of the Organic College. The webinar is free of charge and it is supported by Limerick City and County Council. Booking on - SUMMER SUN: As it begins to warm up, we need to remember to apply sun screen. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in Ireland, with over 13,000 new cases diagnosed every year. 9 out of every 10 cases are caused by UV rays from the sun or sunbeds ! Early detection is vital, if spotted early up to 90% of cases are curable. If you are worried that cancer might run in your family, call the Support Line on Freephone 1800 200 700 to speak to one of the cancer nurses, in confidence. Only 5 –10% of cancers are linked to an inherited genetic change. Some genes work to protect against the development of cancer, but changes in these genes can interfere with how they should work. Some people are born with an increased risk of cancer because they have inherited a change in these genes from a parent. We have two copies of most genes. We inherit one copy from our mother and one copy from our father. The child of a parent with a genetic change has a 50% (1 in 2) chance of inheriting the same genetic change from their parent.
14th June,1993; Ruth Bader Ginsburg nominated to the US Supreme Court by President Bill Clinton.
15th June, 1844; Charles Goodyear patents the vulcanization of rubber.
16th June, 1884; First roller coaster used on Coney Island, New York.
17th June, 1854; Statue of Liberty arrives in NY on board the 'Isere'.
18th June, 2000; Tiger Woods wins the 100th US Open, fifteen strokes ahead.
19th June, 1978; Garfield, created by Jim Davis, first appears as a comic strip.
20th June, 1975; ' Jaws' directed by S. Spielberg, is released.


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