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SPRING - The Beauty of Nature.

Fri 25th April: 1.30pm - 4pm, in Granagh Community Centre. Mary Morrissey will hold her annual daffodil day in the community centre. She will have her usual door raffle with the most beautiful prizes. If you are free to volunteer to help out with the teas, she would be delighted to hear from you.
Sunday 27th March: The Bishop has written to say that a collection for Ukraine will be held in all the churches of the dioceses on the 27th. The full contents of your weekly envelope will be forwarded for the Ukraine appeal.
Parish Office; Please note the office is closed temporarily. For Mass bookings, inquiries etc please contact either of our Sacristans, Kathleen Toomey or Tom Lynch or ring Fr. Tom 069-68141.
Mother's Day; Heard a suggestion on radio that this year, instead of buying presents for the Mams, one could donate that money to Ukraine. I'm sure the Mothers wouldn't have any objection.
Wed/Thur, 23 & 24th Mar: Colaiste Iosaef Kilmallock. 17.45 - 21.00.
Mon/Tue, 28 & 29th Mar: Racecourse, Patrickswell. 16.15 - 19.30.
Clinics are by appointment only. Please ring 1800 222 111 to book your appointment.
Your local S.V.P are aware that due the rising cost of living, families may be struggling. If you need support, please contact 061-317327 in the strictest confidence. Also check out the website, for more details.
Thinking of getting back into the garden, Cuan Mhuire garden centre, Bruree has opened again and are full to the brim with annuals, perennials & pots as well as some lovely gifts in their shop.
TLC 7:
Friday 15th April: We can all get out and do a bit of a clean-up on our own stretch of road. Many thanks to the service users in Liskennett Equine Therapy Centre who are collecting rubbish on their daily walks in Liskennett wood. It is very much appreciated by the committee.
Team Limerick Clean-Up is an initiative sponsored by the JP McManus Benevolent Fund and has seen over 400 tonnes of litter gathered from the streets by volunteers and event partner Mr. Binman since inception in 2015 – that's over 14,500 household wheelie bins.!
EASTER MARKET: Sat 16th April; 10am - 2pm, in the Community Centre. Delighted to say we are going to have our very first Craft/Food Market coming up. If any Vendors out there would like to participate, please contact our F.Book page - granaghcommunitynews or e-mail - or any member of the committee. So far we have thirteen stands taking part. All items are handcrafted and designed by local crafters, who would appreciate your custom.
USED STAMPS: I send your used stamps to the Sacred Heart convent, in Stillorgan and they send on their yearly 'mission news' leaflet, where they detail some of the projects they have supported. The sisters work in East Timor, which is an island in Southeast Asia, lying northwest of Australia . Last year they opened a day home to help the undernourished children, 50% of the under fives are undernourished. This is mainly due to poverty and the mother's poor knowledge of nutrition. They take in six mothers and children each week and show them how to produce a nutritious meal. A good news story about ' the stolen children'. During the Indonesian occupation (1975-1999), children were forcibly removed from families and taken to Indonesia. Their names and religions were changed making it very difficult for them to trace their families. However, one lady, who is now over thirty, was found by the NGO and reunited with her family.
19th Mar: St. Joseph's Feast Day, patron of families, fathers, workers & craftsmen.
20th Mar,1930:- KFC founded by Colonel Sanders in Kentucky.
21st Mar,1963:- Alcatraz federal penitentiary known as "The Rock" closes.
22nd Mar,1903:- Niagara Falls runs out of water because of a drought.
23rd Mar,1957:- US army sells the last of it's homing pigeons.
24th Mar,1978:- The tanker Amoco Cadiz splits in two off the coast of France.
25th Mar,1947:- Reginald Kenneth Dwight aka Elton John born in Middlesex.
26th Mar,1944:- Diane Ernestine Earle Ross born in Michigan.


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