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Construction work is still ongoing in Liskennett wood. The uphill path linking two of the roads has now been widened, with a raised centre, so that water run-off will run down either side. Hopefully this will solve the problem of a muddy path over winter. A new uphill path is to be dug out, from the car park, so that people will not be walking directly behind the house. The pipe-laying is continuing from the mast and will eventually be brought down to the road. This will deliver fibre broadband along the Liskennett road.

As the old saying goes - ''Never cast a clout till May is Out'' . Some of you will surely know this saying and the general rule of thumb was, you wait until the whitethorn (The May Tree) is in full bloom and then you can safely put away the drawers and vests.!!! Another thing you should never do was bring this whitethorn blossom into the house - as it was regarded as fierce bad luck.
The secret world of Cowslips! Cowslips also known as fairy cups are cousin to the primrose & once upon a time you'd find them growing as abundantly as the buttercup! Cowslips are actually classed as an edible & medicinal herb. You can eat the leaves raw or cook them like a veggie & the flowers can be made into sweet teas & drinks.
The cowslip in herbalism is considered an excellent sedative, the plant has been traditionally used to help with sleeping problems as well as coughs & headaches.
The wine also used to be given to children in small quantities as "medicine", probably to naughty children at bedtime! The cowslip numbers had dramatically declined due to the destruction of habitat, but it seems the population is now recovering with time & people planting more of them.
Marigolds are a great flower to grow and are also one of the most useful companion plants to have in your veggie patch. They give off a strong smell that will deter most aphids and greenfly. Dot them around your tomato plants and you will have far fewer problems with pests. They self-seed too and apparently, it’s a good idea to have them at the entrance to your polytunnel, as it will keep aphids out.

1st June, 1845:- Homing pigeon completes 11,000 km trip (Namibia-London) in 55 days.
2nd June, 1835:- P. T. Barnum & his circus began first tour of US.
3rd June, 1946:- First bikini bathing suit displayed in Paris.
4th June, 1070:- Roquefort cheese created in a cave, near Roquefort, France.
5th June, 1969:- US Senator and presidential candidate Robert Kennedy assassinated.
6th June, 1988:- Three giant turtles found in a Bronx sewage plant.
7th June, 1982:- Graceland, Elvis Presley's home, opened to the public after his death.


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