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Lockdown Extended:

COMMUNITY HELP: As the lockdown is to continue for a few weeks more, be sure to contact us if you need help with anything during the Covid pandemic. If you need medicines, groceries or fuel, collected from the Shop, Pharmacy or Creamery and delivered to your door, please contact one of the following co-ordinators. They will organise with one of the many local volunteers to carry out the collection and delivery. Steven Stapleton; 086-1960301, Theresa Noonan; 085- 8875585, Anne O'Grady; 087-8561898, Andrew Holmes; 087- 9429228.

REMEMBERING OUR DECEASED: For the month of April, we remember our family, friends and neighbours, whose mortuary cards are displayed on the Church noticeboard:- Margaret Collins, Granagh P.O. Delia Chawke & Austin Chawke. Jimmy O'Gorman, the Shop. Sheila Hanley, Kilmacanearla. Kitty O'Gorman, Knockfierna. John & Una Scanlan & Kitty O'Regan, Liskennett. Mary Agnes Sheehan, Mary McAuliffe, Dan Brosnan & Maurice J. Sheehy, Coolruss. Padraig Fennessy, Croom. Sadie O'Donoghue, Banogue. Mary O'Leary & Ita O'Leary, Castletown. Peig O'Sullivan, Ballyagran. Rev Joseph Shinnors. Sr. Clare McMahon, Co. Laois.

DID YOU KNOW: 13th - April, 1996 Dunblane kindergarten massacre in Scotland. 14th -1997 Tiger Woods at 21 years old became the youngest ever golfer to win the Masters Tournament 15th - 1912 Titanic strikes an iceberg and sinks on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. 16th - 1867, Wilbur Wright, designer, builder and flyer of the first airplane was born. 17th - 1964 The Ford Motor Co. unveiled its new Mustang model at the New York World's Fair 18th - 1956 Grace Kelly marries Prince Rainier of Monaco.

TRÓCAIRE: During Covid-19, Trocaire's work still has to continue abroad, in extra difficult circumstances. In Ireland we find ourselves in an unknown and fearful situation. It may be strange to say this, however, many of us can Suffer in Comfort..!!! We have Homes to shade us from the Sun or protect us from the Cold. We have Electricity ; Hot Water on tap ; plenty to Eat ; surrounded by all kinds of media to Entertain us & the Government provide money to the unemployed. Compare our lives to those in Kenya, for example.. These people are suffering through this Pandemic with None of our basic comforts.. one-roomed mud huts, no electricity, no hot water, maybe one meal a day, no t.v. or phone and no income. Depending solely on Help from outside agencies like Trocaire, i.e. depending on Charity from all of us... You still have your Trocaire Boxes... Please continue to fill them as the money will be desperately Needed..... Hold onto them for the moment, until they can be returned at a safer time. T.V. WATCH: I watch very little T.v but heard about the following documentary - The Unteachables - a short series on Mondays, Virgin Media One, 9pm. It is about students who have left mainstream education and who attend the Cork Life Centre. Never heard of this place or service before but after seeing the first programme, I am hooked. It shows how the staff look out for these troubled teenagers, who just could not fit in to our so called normal school system. They are doing wonderful work, many are giving their time voluntarily and of course funding is a constant issue. The other one I came across was 'The Big Life Fix', Sundays RTE 1, 11.35pm. Using technology, inventors are helping to make people's lives better. There are probably loads more I have missed, maybe I will get around to some of them now. However, these kind of reality programmes are certainly worthwhile watching rather than the menu of violent films that seem to be available, every day on every channel. BIRTHDAY: Sending greetings for continued good health and happiness to Essie Chawke who celebrates her 93rd birthday on Wednesday 15th . She has recovered from a broken wrist in the past year and is back on form again. John Edward in the Mustard Seed will miss her annual April visit but it will be nice to look forward to a celebration later.

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