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Living G​ifts of Love​, which are Changing Lives.

Choose a Gift. Your loved one receives a beautiful Card. You change a ​families' ​Life.!!

Christmas is coming ....what about a sustainable and ethical gift this year, for a change..?

The majority of people we know, have food and water, yet these basic rights are often denied to those in the third world. One in nine people do not have enough to eat, while millions are denied access to land and water. Drought and extreme weather are ravaging livelihoods.

These life changing Gifts you purchase will have long-term effects and will have an amazing impact on a poor family's life.

€5 - Soap, to stop the spread of disease. € 8 - Baby Chick, provides eggs & fertiliser. € 15 - Seeds & Tools. € 15 - Solar Light provides 6 hours of safe, clean light. € 20 - School Lunches, provides 4 children with a hot lunch each day for a month.

€ 30 - School Kit, sends a child to school. € 50 - for Grandparents, helps to raise orphaned children. € 50 - A Goat, provides milk and baby goats. € 55 - Mother & Baby Kit. € 65 - Beehive, provides honey and beeswax. € 85 - A gift of Trees. € 100 - Clean Water. € 150 - Gift of Shelter for a family.

***** This year, I am able to sell the gifts locally on behalf of Trócaire, if you don't wish to go online. I have a selection which includes; €5 - Soap. € 8 - Baby Chick. € 15 - Seeds & Tools. € 15 - Solar Light. € 20 - School Lunches. € 30 - School Kit. € 50 - Help a Granny. ****

Mary O'Regan. Granagh. 061-399152

Trócaire, with your help, supports people to ensure that they have food, water and a secure place to live. They work with families to sustainably grow a wider range of food crops, so that their diet is nutritious. When disasters strike, they help families to recover.

To order by phone call 1850 408 408 or online at

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