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Wishing all our students the very best of Luck for the next two weeks. The following is a post going around on Facebook, at this time of the year, and it is very true. ' Remember, that among the students sitting the exams, there is an Artist, who doesn't need to understand Math.... There is an Entrepreneur who doesn't care about History or English Literature.... There is a Musician whose Chemistry marks wont matter.... There is an Athlete whose physical fitness is more important than Physics... If your child does get top marks, that's great.! But if he or she doesn't, please don't take away their self confidence or dignity from them. Tell them it's OK, it's just an Exam. They are cut out for much bigger things in Life. Tell them, no matter what they get, you will still love them. One Exam or low mark will not take away their Dreams and Talent. Please remember that Doctors & Engineers are not the only happy people in the World ' !!!!


The month's mind Mass for the late Eileen Simcox, will be held in Rockhill Church on Saturday 9th June at 6.00pm.


Keep in mind - S​unday 17th June:​ 2pm - 6pm: Lady Harrington will open her Flower & Veg Gardens at Knockfierna, in aid of Kilpeacon Church renovation fund & Granagh Dev. The Development Association members will be serving Teas on the day and there will also be a plant stall. Hopefully the sun keeps shining ....


Congratulations to Michelle McCarthy & David McMahon on the birth of their second baby boy, Christian Cole McMahon, who arrived safe and sound on Tuesday 29th May. Nan and Grandad love to be kept busy.


The number of homeless families in Limerick continues to rise, with many living in emergency B&B accommodation. This type of accommodation has no cooking facilities. ​ ​

Families often rely on take-away food for weeks and months on end.​ ​ It is eaten on laps, sitting on beds, in one room. ​ ​Parents report that their children are putting on weight, they lack concentration in school and their physical well-being is being compromised.​ ​

Due to the expensive nature of this food provision, families are finding it impossible to save for the expense of moving to a long-term home, thus protracting the length of time they are homeless. There is an alternative. ​

Novas have arranged for families to have a nutritious and hearty meal in a community cafe each evening. A family has the opportunity to eat good food, sitting around a table. It allows a family a break away from one room, in which they play out their lives. ​ ​

It is one less thing to worry about.An evening meal in this cafe costs €4 per child and €4.50 per family. ​ ​

We need your support to continue this vital service.​ ​ Text NOVAS to 50300 to donate €4. ​ ​Log onto to donate more. ​ ​You can set up a monthly direct debit to support us on an ongoing basis. A monthly direct debit of €28 will provide a h​e​arty meal for a child for a week.


Our Hatha Yoga class continues on Sunday 10th June, at 11am, in the Community Centre. All Welcome.


If you feel like helping out with an online survey for the protection and conservation of ladybirds, here's what to do.

If you spot a ladybird, take note of the date, time, place, description and take a photo. To submit your records got to www.biology.ieand enter as many details as possible.

The project is managed by Fota Wildlife Park and UCC. It is an important survey because it helps to understand the distribution of ladybirds and they hope to learn more about this invasive species, the Harlequin ladybird, which preys on the larvae of our native ladybirds and outcompetes them for food. Good spotting.


2018 Hill Walk: Taking place Saturday 30th June, meet at Lisvarrinane Community Centre, Tipperary.​ Pre registration is recommended on or email -

Cuan Mhuire is Ireland's larges provider of detoxification and treatment for those suffering from addiction and addiction related illness.


​Tue 5th -Wed 6th Give Blood - Pastoral Centre, Kilmallock, 5pm -8pm.

Sun 10th: June Musica Fusion - Junior Showcase Concert, 4pm.

Tue 12th: Musica Fusion Orchestra & Waunakee Orchestra performance, 7pm.

Sun 17th June: The Glen Garden Walk, Knockfierna.

Fri 15 - Sat 16: Fidget Feet at King John's Castle.

15th - 17th June: Bruff Summer Festival & Bloomsday Events.

18th -24th June: Hurl Smart Week.

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