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Beginning this weekend, clear out those wardrobes, make space and help Granagh NS Parents' Association raise funds. Clothes, Shoes, Bedding, (not duvets), Towels, Handbags and belts will all be accepted.
Tied bags only please. Drop off at Parochial House Granagh:- Fri June 25th 3-6pm; Sat June 26th 6-8pm; Sun June 27th 10am - 12pm; & Fri July 2nd 3-6pm; Sat July 3rd 6-8pm; Sun July 4th 10am - 12pm.

For the month of June, we remember our family, friends and neighbours, whose mortuary cards are displayed on the Church noticeboard:- James Houlihan, Kilmacanearla. Sean Fitzgibbon, William Boleman & Sean McMahon, Kilmore. Ellen Monckton & Bridget Houlihan, Kilatal. John McMahon, Coolruss. Bill Kelly, Graigacurra. Martin Chawke, Ballyvologue. Catherine Lynch, Granagh. Breda O'Donoghue & Michael O'Rourke, Doorluss. Christy Murphy, Cappanihane. Martin Hayes, Kilmeedy. William Lynch, Derraulin. Sean Murphy, Kildare. Delia Judd, London. Julia English, Old Pallas. Anne Neville, Ballinaguile. Sr. Bernard Carey. Daniel J. Sheahan.

Wed 7th - Sun11th July; West Wall Walkway, Kilmallock, (Super Valu car park), at 8pm.
Director Joan Sheehy is going back to her roots, in a new production - ' In the Middle of the Fields'. Starring: Kathy Rose O’Brien, Mark O’Regan and Seamus Moran and written by Mary Lavin. She will be joined by a talented, award winning creative team, Paul Keogan, lighting and set, Colin Dunne, movement direction, composer Tom Lane, performed by virtuoso accordionist Dermot Dunne.
Audiences can expect a unique atmospheric experience, in an open sided tent, that harks back to the theatre fit-up tradition, but with a contemporary staging.
The story centres around a young widow who displays a strong independent spirit in running her farm. An encounter one night, with a neighbouring farmer becomes emotionally charged and unsettling, posing provocative questions about past passions in a surprising story that promises to leave you captivated.
Tickets available online at or ring 061-953400.

I was delighted to get my hands on a copy of the school Newspaper which came about as a result of a Media project taken on by second class helped out by students from Ms Condon & Ms Kingston's class. The Press Office must have been a busy place getting all the articles, photos, drawings together - they did a great job. There was a great variety of articles full of interesting information. Niall O'Shea wrote an article on farm safety - reminding everyone about the dangers of machinery, PTOs, electricity and how you have to be careful around animals. I know now if I am buying cattle that Charolais are the breed to choose over Angus, from Maurice Ahern's suggestions. Nutrition & Health were also covered. We had a recipe for Chicken Curry from Ellie Morey, Pancakes with Maple Syrup from Izzy O'Brien and to finish off a Lemon Drizzle cake from Roisin O'Sullivan, all Yummy - luckily we can walk off the calories in Liskennett woods !!!
Sport was well covered. James Condon gave a report on Limerick v Waterford with a great drawing of Seamus Flanagan scoring. Conor Kelly is into World Wrestling (WWE) and gave an explosive description of the Goldberg v Big Show Smackdown - there were powerslams, jackhammers, spears & knockouts before Goldberg won.... I'm sorry I missed seeing that now. ! Cian O'Brien covered Hurling, Football and Soccer in his report, an all-rounder, with a drawing of the Tyrone v Armagh match. Sean Tierney had a great article on the game of Chess, explaining the pieces and what they can and can't do. Maurice Houlihan was looking ahead to the Summer Holidays and as we can't go overseas, he gave us a list of things to do at home. He had a good suggestion of shopping local & enjoying one of O'Gorman's '99s .
As with all good newspapers, they had personal interviews. Izzy was able to get a quick interview with Donal O'Brien on his life as a 5km runner - who knew what he was up to?? Seemingly he started walking on Knockfierna, running in Croom park and says if we believe in ourselves, we too could do a 5k, no problem.... (without the aid of a defib) !! Roisin did a very interesting interview with Triona O'Sullivan, Pharmacist in Croom, about her job. Conor Junior interviewed Con Kelly Senior about his cycling adventures on the Ring of Kerry. This extremely athletic man has done the Ring four times, it is 140km long and can take 8/9hrs to complete. People do it for charity and a massive sixteen million has been raised so far. And that's only some of the interesting people we have in the parish.
Of course we have to have a slot for TV and Jack Burke gave us all the lowdown on Killinaskully - with a fab drawing of all of Pat Shortt's characters. To finish off, we have the quiz page - word search, spot-the-difference and a crossword - I am still stuck on 7 across.! Congratulations to all the Team.

Frank Sinatra's ' My Way' holds the record for 124 weeks in the UK charts.
The weight of the Antarctic ice cap distorts the shape of the Earth.
A dog's sense of smell is thirty times stronger than that of a human.
Some fish change sex multiple times to increase their chances of reproduction.
' Cenosillicaphobia' is the fear of an empty beer glass.


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