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" Married in the month of June, Life will be one long Honeymoon"

Silage Season

Sunday 19th June: 2pm - 6pm. Lady Harrington invites you to her Floral & Vegetable Garden Walk at her home in The Glen,(V94WP26). Book and Plant stall also on the day. Funds raised will be donated to the Kilpeacon Church Repair Fund and Granagh Development Assoc. Admission €10, includes car parking and Afternoon Tea. Children free. Fingers crossed, the rain stays away.
It's no joke.!!! Sun 26th, WIT Arena, Waterford, 7.30pm - Gala Christmas Concert. To raise money for Brain Tumour Ireland. Why would anyone come up with an idea like this.? Because not everyone can wait for Christmas.!
In July 2019 - within 48 hrs - Barbara Dowling, a Kerry woman living in Longford, was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour, multiple sclerosis and thyroid cancer.!!!
It’s taken a while to get her head around the diagnoses and get things sorted but she’s getting there!
The tumour will stay where it is, a slow growing one that will eventually turn cancerous. The MS will be treated shortly now that the radioactive iodine treatment is finished and at the moment she is cancer-free! Luckily the form of MS that she has is called relapsing-remitting MS and can be stopped from progressing once the treatment starts. It won’t fix the current issues but may ease them (which basically means she may get her full sight back, get full power back to the arms, fingers and legs, say goodbye to the tremors and best of all, some bit of balance. Throughout all this, she came in contact with an organisation called Brain Tumour Ireland (BTI) who have been so supportive. She wanted to raise funds for them, is a musician herself, so she sent out a few texts... and it began to happen. Conductors, Orchestra & choir members are all taking part voluntarily, not charging any fees.
This concert will be quite unusual as it will be a full programme of Christmas music (yes in June!), but the majority of the arrangements are pieces that have never been performed here before. The Orchestral and Choral aspects of the production will be spearheaded by Liam Daly, Dr. Kevin O’ Carroll, Niall Crowley and Éimear Noone, with compère Evelyn Grant (Lyric FM). It should be a fantastic experience, the first ever in Europe, any friends in that area make sure to tell them. Book tickets on - www. - type in christmas in june in aid of brain tumour Ireland.
For the month of June, we remember our family, friends and neighbours, whose mortuary cards are displayed on the Church noticeboard:- James Houlihan, Kilmacanearla. Sean Fitzgibbon, William Boleman & Sean McMahon, Kilmore. Ellen Monckton & Bridget Houlihan, Kilatal. John McMahon, Coolruss. Bill Kelly, Graigacurra. Martin Chawke, Ballyvologue. Catherine Lynch & Jim Lynch, Granagh. Breda O'Donoghue & Michael O'Rourke, Doorluss. Christy Murphy, Cappanihane. Martin Hayes, Kilmeedy. William Lynch, Derraulin. Sean Murphy, Kildare. Delia Judd, London. Julia English, Old Pallas. Anne Neville, Ballinaguile. Sr. Bernard Carey. Daniel J. Sheahan.
Tue 28 Jun - 6th Jul: New two week Summer session of classes in the Community Centre with Na Seasur Play Workshops, Wednesdays at 10am. Book online.
These classes are ideal for anyone currently attending or any child who hasn't been to a Messy play session before.
Open Play sessions are similar to Messy Play sessions, however with a reduced amount of wet mess and more emphasis on Play with different materials such as rice, pasta, flowers, playdoh and painting etc. There is also no theme- it is a combination of all the most popular themes like animals, construction, Cars, colours and general open ended playing. Open Ended play is a comfortable space for any child to join in and gives an element of sensory/messy play without the overload of Messy materials in one class- if they haven't been before it can be overwhelming. Ages 6 months to 6 years. If you have a younger or older sibling, please bring them along.
13th June,1886: - Molly Malone reputedly "dies of a fever" in Dublin.
14th June,1993: Ruth Bader Ginsburg is nominated to the US Supreme Court.
15th June, 1919 - Alcock and Brown land at Clifden, to complete the first non-stop trans-Atlantic flight.
16th June, 2006 - The State funeral of the former Taoiseach, Charles Haughey, took place .
17th June,1885: "The Statue of Liberty" gifted by France, arrived in New York aboard the 'Isere'.
18th June,1815 - Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon’s horse Marengo was reared in Wexford, and the Duke of Wellington’s mount was from Cork.
19th June, 2010: Pedestrians invited to walk through the new Limerick tunnel, before it opened to traffic.


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