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Like Lilly Hanly here, we will all be snoozing by our firesides for the last two weekends of January. again this year...!!

GIVE BLOOD: Blood donations are urgently required, clinics are by appointment only. Please call 1800 222 111 to book your appointment for Wednesday 12th & Thursday 13th Jan, 16:45 - 20:00 in the Longcourt Hotel, Newcastle West.
Clear out your wardrobe and help raise much needed funds for Granagh National School. Clothes, shoes, bedding ( no duvets), towels, handbags and belts all accepted. Please ensure bags are tied.
Drop off at Parochial House Granagh : - Friday 21st Jan 3-6pm, Sat 22nd Jan 6-8pm, Sun 23rd Jan 10am-12 pm. Friday 28th Jan 3-6pm, Sat 29th Jan 6-8pm, Sun 30th Jan 10am-12pm. Volunteers are also required to take in the clothes. Please contact secretary of Parents Assoc, if you are available to take a slot. Thank you and Happy New Year to all!
St. Joseph's National School, Granagh is accepting enrolments for the 2022/2023 school year. The Admissions Notice and further information can be found on the Home Page of the school website The Admissions Policy and Application Form can be obtained through the school website, by emailing or by ringing the office on 061-399081. Closing date for applications- January 28th 2022.
Please note, change of opening times for barrier. It is now changed to 7am - 7pm until further notice.
Unfortunately, the decision had to be taken to postpone our annual production for the time being. Due to the ever increasing numbers and uncertainty of future developments, it is the safest thing to do for our members and our audiences. Hopefully, we might be able to resume in the Autumn. Follow the guidelines to keep yourself and your families safe.
On behalf of Trócaire, sincere thanks to all who contributed to the sale of Christmas Gift cards on Saturday 18th Dec in both Granagh and Ballingarry. Renewed thanks to both shops - O'Gormans & O'Gradys - for allowing me to set-up in their car parks. Total amount received and lodged was €1,739.85 which was extraordinarily generous. Thanks also to Katherine for dropping me a bag of used stamps.
I best not forget to send congratulations to Cian O'Regan on his engagement to Louise Moloney, on Saturday last. Wishing you both every happiness and the best of luck with all your future plans.
10th Jan, 1956:- Elvis Presley records single "Heartbreak Hotel"
11th Jan, 2010:- Haiti hit by massive magnitude 7.0 earthquake.
12th Jan, 1948:- Mahatma Gandhi begins his final fast.
13th Jan,1968:- Johnny Cash performs live, for the second time at Folsom Prison.
14th Jan, 1911:- Amundsen's South Pole expedition lands on the Ross Ice Shelf.
15th Jan,1943:- World's largest office building, the Pentagon is completed to house the US military.


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