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" GRANAGH BACKS AMANDA " Community Fundraiser

We have a big community fundraising day coming up on Sunday 24th Oct, in aid of the Tierney family, Knockfierna.
Amanda (nee O'Grady, Newtown) and Dan were married in Oct '13. They have four children, three of whom are on the autism spectrum. Amanda was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and has been undergoing treatment. Preparations are being made for a series of events on the day - vintage run, cycle, walk, raffle, cake sale and auction. Details will be up shortly on our facebook page and website. Your help and support on the day would be greatly appreciated as well as donations to the raffle and cake sale.
With your help we can provide them with some resources to reduce any financial worries and supply any requirements that Amanda might need to help her recover.

WALKING FOR ST. JOSEPH's: Walking with Marietta is back! This year Marietta is walking 100 miles in aid of St. Joseph's Foundation! Marietta's walk starts on Friday the 17th of September until Tuesday the 16th of November. You can sponsor Marietta on -
PETITION: One positive thing we can do for the Season of Creation is, sign the “Healthy Planet Healthy People” petition, The petition calls on world leaders to - Tackle the climate emergency and biodiversity crisis together. Limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius and promise no more biodiversity loss. Ensure equitable global action, including support for those most affected. Protect and respect human rights, in climate and biodiversity action. Sign the Petition online at -

OAK TREE PLANTED: You may or may not have noticed but we have a newly planted Oak tree in the church grounds. For the last month Fr. Tom has been speaking about the season of creation and its theme of ' Restoring our Common Home'. One thing we can all do to help our planet is plant a tree. Trees are the drivers of the health of the whole planetary ecosystem, a mature oak, for example, supports over five hundred species of life and can live for up to one thousand years. Trees are the lungs of the earth and it takes thirty years for the average tree to become a full-blown oxygen machine. They are the habitat for most terrestrial species, they clean our water, protect our soils, shelter us from wind and sun and they provide us with so many resources in our lives. As a matter of interest, Ireland's tallest tree is a Douglas Fir in Powerscourt at 57m high. For our occasion, Mark O'Shea was invited to plant the tree and no better man with a shovel. I hope he won't mind me mentioning that his 90th birthday is coming up in October. GRANAGH UTD: The 'Granagh climbs Everest' fundraiser was well supported and will help to pay for Insurance fees, Registration fees, Utility bills, Training equipment and a new Mower in order to keep the facility in good order for training and matches. To run the club aannually it costs between €6,000-€8,000. This year they are not charging registration fees. You still have time to donate on the Gofundme page - granaghclimbseverest. DID YOU KNOW: To conserve and reduce energy and water use, you could try :- Taking shorter showers. Adding thermostats to your radiators. Think about using renewable energy. Put on extra clothing rather than turning up the heat. Switching to natural/eco-friendly cleaning products (vinegar, baking soda). Consider a water butt for the garden.


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