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SAFE TRAVELS: Wishing the best of luck to Robert Noonan, Knockfierna, who will be departing for Lebanon on his first tour of duty, which will last until November. The 115th Irish Battalion have been serving ther as part of the United Nations Interim Force for peacekeeping, since November, 2019. Restrictions on travel over the current COVID-19 situation placed considerable doubt about when the soldiers would be able to return to their families. This is to happen now towards the end of the month. The 116th Battalion will then deploy to UNIFIL to take over control of the Irish Area of Responsibility. Before departure, they will have to complete a fourteen day quarantine period. They will be providing a presence in the area, by operating patrols, checkpoints and manning observation posts. The battalion also render humanitarian assistance to the local population e.g. restoration and repair of essential services, rebuilding and repair of local churches, mosques, schools, etc or assistance to local enterprises. The presence of the Irish battalion in South Lebanon helps to restore normality to the area, as evidenced by the increase in population and economic activity in the region. This is a part of Ireland’s commitment to global peace and security. To date over 30,000 personnel have served in Lebanon.

St. V.dePAUL: The local Branch of St. Vincent dePaul - Reaching Out: In the present and evolving situation, there are likely to be a number of people who find themselves in serious need and who never experienced significant need before. We offer assistance in confidence, sensitivity and compassion. We thank you all for your generous donations, to enable us to continue the work of St. Vincent dePaul. Our designated number is 087-1602110. Please remember - give a little, it helps a lot.

DANCE 4 DSI: Down Syndrome Ireland are asking people to DANCE and DONATE what they can, online. Dance4DSI is an exciting new initiative that is asking households, neighbours and communities nationwide to come together for Ireland’s Biggest Street Dance to help raise vital funds to continue and improve upon the provision of our growing online services to support children and adults with Down syndrome and their families throughout Ireland. Neighbours and communities have become disconnected as a result of Covid-19 so dancing in the street is a way to reconnect with those living closest to you while staying a safe distance apart. People with any level of dance ability can take part. As well as getting the heart and lungs pumping, dancing has been scientifically proven to boost the mood, making you feel good. Ireland’s Biggest Street Dance takes place on Sunday 21st June, to coincide with the summer solstice, generally understood to mark the first day of Summer. The number 21 is also a number which is relevant to the Down syndrome community. Down syndrome occurs when there is one extra copy of chromosome 21 in cells in the body.

CLOTHES COLLECTION: Don't give away your old clothes ! Please keep them for Granagh NS parents' association, who will hold a collection in Aug/Sept. All donations will be gratefully received.

WATER SAFETY WEEK: June 15th -21st: In each of the last ten years, an average of 120 people lost their lives to drowning. Thankfully that number is falling, in 2019, 105 people drowned. But the target has to be zero, one life is one too many. Usually a reminder for families heading to the beaches during the Summer months, maybe not this year. However, accidents can happen just as easily at home, remember you can drown in very shallow water, in such places as streams or drains, a garden pond, a play pool /swimming pool, a well, barrel or water tank, the septic tank or slurry pit or an old quarry. Know the dangers in and around the home. Make sure children are always supervised at play time and bath time. Now every child can learn basic water safety skills at home through '' '' Written and designed for all age groups, a wealth of tips and advice, and all sorts of interactive games and puzzles to reinforce the lessons learned. PAWS offers simple common sense and every parent is more than qualified to guide their children through the lessons and it's Free. When your child has finished, these new found skills make them a PAWS HERO and you can get them a digital PAWS HERO certificate. DID YOU KNOW: 15th June, 1991 - Eruption of the Mt Pinatubo volcano in the Philippines, the second-largest volcanic eruption on Earth, of the 20th century. 16th June, 1960 - Psycho", psychological horror film directed by Alfred Hitchcock, opens in New York City. 17th June, 1885 - The French gift to the United States "The Statue of Liberty" arrives in New York, aboard the French ship Isere. 18th June, 1995 - All Black Jonah Lomu scores the try of the Rugby World Cup, in New Zealand's 45-29 defeat of England. 19th June, 1923 - Walls of lava, one mile wide, descend from Mt Etna towards the town of Lingauglossa in Italy and bury the town. 20th June, 1975 - The summer blockbuster movie "Jaws" is released. 21st June, 1877 - Ten members of the Irish Miners Group The "Molly Maguires" were hanged for murder.

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