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Granagh-Ballingarry Community Games

The Cross Country finals were held in Rathkeale on Wednesday April 27th. Mai McKenna ran a really good race in the U11 600m. Jack McMahon also had a great run in the U11 600m. Philip Byrnes came 5th in the U14 1200m. Michael Russell and Brian Sheehy both ran in the U14 600m, with Michael coming 2nd and Brian 4th. Well done to all of them and best of luck to Philip and Michael who have qualified for the National Finals in Athlone.

The annual family sports day was held on May 2nd.

Girls results

U5s - Anna O'Grady, Emily O'Grady, Evelyn Blake

U7s - Isobel Collins, Aoife O'Sullivan, Brid Hartigan U8s 60m - Muireann O'Sullivan, Louise Irwin, Abi Mai O'Grady

U8s 80m - Muireann O'Sullivan, Isobel Collins, Louise Irwin

U10 100m- Nancy O'Keeffe, Mai McKenna, Aoife Russell

U10 200m- Mai McKenna, Nancy O'Keeffe, Aoife Russell

U12 100m - Jane O'Connell, Nessa Markham, EmerO'Kelly

U12 600m - Nessa Markham, Emer O'Kelly, Katie O'Kelly

U 14 100m - Ellen McMahon, Aisling Irwin, Maeve O'Connor

U 10 Hurdles - Mai McKenna, Aoife Russell, Nancy O'Keeffe

U12 Hurdles - Nessa Markham, Jane O'Connell,

Rachel Irwin


U5s, - Ryan O'Shaughnessy, MIchael O'Kelly, Billy O'Hanlon

U7s - Adam Mulqueen, Nathan Hartnett, Liam O'Kelly

U8 60m - Aaron O'Shaughnessey, Edward Lynch, Kieran Long

U8 80m - Edward Lynch, Aaron O'Shaughnessy, Kieran Long

U10 100m - Jack McMahon, Cathal Markham, Patrick Cagney U10 200m- Jack McMahon, Cathal Markham, Patrick Cagney, Liam Molloy

U12 100m- Mark O'Shea, Dylan Picard, Mark hanley U12 600m- Mark O'Shea, Cian McGoey, Adam Picard

U14 100m - Darragh Casey, Michael Southgate, Michael Russell

U14 800m - Michael Russell, Brian Sheehy, Darragh Casey

Hurdles UIO- Jack McMahon, Cathal Markham, Patrick Cagney U12 Hurdles - Mark O'Shea, Mark Hanley, U14 Hurdles - Darragh Casey, Michael Southgate, Michel Russell


Church gate collection on this weekend: Granagh Saturday night at 7pm; Ballingarry church 10.30am Sunday morning.

Volunteers who will stand at the gate contact Loraine at 086-0592682.

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