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Yoga at Home

My name is Eileen Sheehan and I’m the founder of Soulful Sanctuary.    

Soulful Sanctuary equips health-focused women and groups with the tools to develop their own self-reliance where they can integrate new habits that support growth.                                                                                  


Specialising in lifestyle changes, self-care, meditation, yoga practices, spiritual connection, and energy healing. 


            E-Mail: - 
          Web Site: -
          F.Book: -      @eileensheehanwellness                               Instagram: -  eileen.sheehan
          Phone: - 086-7953239.


" Anchor your Soul ".    

Regain Your Inner Peace, Become More Confident and Live A Fulfilling Life.

Anchor Your Soul is a 12-week transformational program designed to bring you on a personalised journey of self-care and build a deeper connection with yourself.
Secrets to Self Care - Join for Support & Inspiration

My Story

I travelled back to Kathmandu to complete my initial teacher training in traditional Hatha yoga. I continued my studies with an advanced yoga teacher training course focused on Vinyasa flow, meditation, and pranayama (breathing techniques) in Andalusia, Spain.
I then began to explore Reiki energy healing.                       Reiki helped me to connect further with my own healing ability.  I soon became a Reiki Master.
I continued to study and I have completed numerous courses, workshops and retreats;

* Introduction to Shamanic Healing
* Forest Therapy with Shirley Gleeson
* EFT Tapping Level One with Ber Collins
* Rahanni Celestial Healing Level One
* Sadhguru Inner Engineering in London
* Panchakarma Cleansing in India
* Inspiring Women Programme with Dr. Shirley Graham
* Free Your Voice with Dave Rock
* Earth Sea Sky Woman with Annette Peard
My Qualifications:
*  200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher certificate awarded by the      Himalayan International Yoga Academy (HIYA).

*   In 2016, studied under Yogacharya  Swami Yogi Subodh                (Dr Subodh Simkhada)
*  Reiki Master (Reiki III) 2017 with Marie Angeline Lascaux;          Registered as a practitioner with Reiki Federation Ireland in          2018.
*  Reiki Teacher (Level I & III) certificate awarded in 2018 and        2019 respectively.
*  Further 75 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher by Frog Lotus Yoga      International  

*  In 2018, studied under Vidya Heisel and Jennifer Yarro.
*  Continuing Energy Healing studies with Maria Rawlins.
*  Certificate in Counselling and Psychotherapy 2020.

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