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Christmas gifts of Love to help make this world a better place.

These gifts keep on giving for are helping improve lives so that people can escape poverty and look forward to a better future.

€5 - This gift will provide Soap to a family in Sudan, for six months. €8 - a gift of a Chick will provide nutritious eggs for the home and extra for sale.

€15 - A Solar Lamp, a safe replacement for the kerosene lamp which will give families light for six hours nightly.

€15 - will also supply a struggling family with Seeds and Tools.

€20 - will give four children a hot lunch every school day for a month, in Somalia.

€30 - A school Kit, which will help send a child to school, pay fees, teacher salaries, books and pencils.

€50 - A goat who will provide nutritious milk and baby goats.

€50 - can also be given as a gift to Grandparents who have to take in orphaned children as a result of illness, accident or war.

Please buy one this Christmas !!!! You can send a cheque to Trocaire, Freepost NS244, Maynooth, Co. Kildare or call 1850 408 408 or do it online at

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