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Indonesian Tsunami:

TROCAIRE is able to Help because YOU helped them during the Lenten campaign...

A towering 18-foot tsunami washed over the Indonesian island of Sulawesi - home to more than 17 million people . Trócaire is supporting relief efforts to help bring vital supplies (water, food and medicine) to people who have been left with nothing. We are supporting our sister agency, Karina-Caritas Indonesia, who are working in the worst affected areas. The death toll is considerable, with around 2,000 deaths and up to 5,000 people still missing. Trócaire has committed to providing €30,000 to Karina-Caritas Indonesia to support an immediate response to ensure that the basic needs of the most vulnerable are met. We are ready to provide additional support over the coming weeks. Roads and bridges are impassable or destroyed, so there is no infrastructure. Transportation remains a challenge, while there is a major shortage of electricity or gasoline, which has led to further difficulties in reaching cut off communities.

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