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Third West B title in five years

West Junior B Hurling League final



Granagh-Ballingarry claimed their third West Junior B Hurling League title in five years and first since 2012 with a one-point victory over gallant Tournafulla in a thrilling hard fought 33 score contest at sunny St Kieran's G.A.A. grounds in Coolcappa on Tuesday 16th June. The St Kieran's officials had their pitch in top condition for this B final played in front of a big crowd who gave great support to their teams with Martin O'Doherty of Rathkeale in charge. It was a full blooded high scoring contest and gave the crowd plenty of exciting hurling to savour Granagh-Ballingarry arrived as underdogs but thanks to their determination and willingness to work for each other they were worthy of their one point win, and the Tournafulla faithful would not argue.

The first three minutes saw points exchanged by Richie O'Keeffe and Dean Smith before points by Jack O'Donoghue on 5 minutes and John O'Grady from a placed ball on 7 put Granagh-Ballingarry two ahead 0-3 to 0-1 on 7 minutes. Padraig Lynch and Kieran Condron had wides for Granagh-Ballingarry before points for Tournafulla by Christopher O'Connor on 9 minutes and Gavin O'Kelly on 10 for 0-3 each, the game was held up for the next two minutes due to an injury to Niall Cahill of Granagh-Ballingarry, but when play resumed points by Batt Curtin on 13 minutes, Gavin O'Reilly on 14 and Batt again on 15 put Tournafulla three ahead 0-6 to 0-3 at the end of the first quarter. Then points were traded between Padraig Lynch on 16 minutes and Eamon Fitzgerald on 18, and from placed balls by John O'Grady on 20 minutes and Paudie Smith on 21, to leave Tournafulla still three ahead 0-8 to 0-5 on 21 minutes. Granagh-Ballingarry upped their game with points from placed balls by John O'Grady on 26 and 28 minutes to close the gap to one. Gavin O'Reilly extended Tournafulla’s advantage to two on 29 minutes before Granagh-Ballingarry no. 6 Eoin Casey following a long solo run hit a smashing point to close the gap to one once more on 30 minutes. With no more scores in added time, Tournafulla went in still one ahead 0-9 to 0-8.

Tournafulla made a good start to the second half with a second-minute goal by Paudie Smith followed three minutes later by a point from a placed ball by Christopher O'Connor to increase Tournafulla’s advantage to five, 1-10 to 0-8, on 55 minutes. Then after three scoreless minutes Granagh-Ballingarry upped their game with points by John O'Grady from a placed ball on 39 minutes, Padraig Lynch on 40 and John O'Grady from a placed ball on 41 before O'Grady finished past Tournafulla keeper Padraig Collins on 42 minutes to put the Knockfierna boys one up 1-11 to 1-10. A couple of wides were exchanged before points were traded from placed balls by Christopher O'Connor on 45 minutes and John O'Grady on 46 to leave Granagh-Ballingarry still one ahead 1-12 to 1-11 on 36 minutes.

Then Granagh-Ballingarry no. 6 Eoin Casey split the uprights for the second time on 48 minutes before points were exchanged from placed balls by John O'Grady on 50 minutes and Christopher O'Connor on 52 to leave Granagh-Ballingarry two ahead 1-14 to 1-12. The next six minutes belonged to Granagh-Ballingarry and they played great hurling with points by Padraig Lynch on 54 minutes and John O'Grady from a placed ball on 56 minutes and a 65 on 58 minutes to go five ahead 1-17 to 1-12. An own goal on 59 minutes and a Christopher O'Connor pointed free on 60 minutes closed the gap to one on 30 minutes and the Tournafulla boys piled on the pressure to search for a point to draw this thrilling contest. But they could find no way past a firm Granagh-Ballingarry defence who held out for a deserved one-point 1-17 to 2-13 win to claim their third West Junior B Hurling League title and the Seamus Flanagan Cup for their third time in five years and their first since 2012. Granagh-Ballingarry scored 1-17 from play, 0-9 from frees and 0-1 from a 65. Tournafulla scored 1-8 from play, 0-5 from frees and an o.g.

Granagh-Ballingarry: Conor Mulqueen, Patrick Potter, Eoin Cahill, Stephen Hickey, Mark Tierney, Eoin Casey 0-2, Brendan Lynch, Michael Walsh, Brian Fitzgerald, Jack O'Donoghue 0-1, Kieran Condron, Niall Cahill, Padraig Lynch 0-3, John O'Grady 1-10, Richie O'Keeffe 0-1. Subs used: Mark Snow, Edward Sheehy, Kevin Forde, Gordon Cagney. Other members of the panel: Michael O'Rourke, Mickie O'Keeffe, Patrick Shelton, Niall Carroll,, Kevin Mulcahy, Alan Chawke, Kevin O'Kelly, James Hayes, Aaron O'Kelly, Brian Noonan, Seán Lenihan, Jimmy Shiels.

Tournafulla: Padraig Collins, Conor O'Sullivan, Denis Dillane, Liam Phillips, Levi Ryan, Eamon Fitzgerald 0-1, Conor Healy, Daniel Brosnan, Alan Kelly, Paudie Smith 1-1, Batt Curtin 0-2, Dean Smith 0-1, Christopher O'Connor 0-5, Timmy Joe Horgan, Gavin O'Reilly 0-3.

Referee: Martin O'Doherty, Rathkeale.

Presentation: after the game West Board Pro pat O'Donnell congratulated Granagh-Ballingarry on winning their third West Junior B Hurling League title, praised Tournafulla for their part in the final and wished Granagh-Ballingarry luck in the county semi-final against Blackrock. He complimented referee Martin O'Doherty and his officials, the St Kieran's club for having everything in top class order, and Neary s bar Ardagh for their sponsorship. He then called on Ivan ovary who presented the Seamus Flanagan Cup to winning captain Mark Tierney to the joy of the Granagh-Ballingarry supporters. Mark complimented the referee and his officials and the St Kieran's club on a job well done , thanked the players, manager Conor O'Keeffe, selectors Liam Carroll, Andrew Holmes, Stephen Stapleton and Niall McCarthy, and the supporters, and called for three hearty cheers for sporting Tournafulla and looked forward to playing them again in the Championship.

Man of the match: at a social gathering after the final in Neary’s bar John O'Grady of Granagh-Ballingarry who finished with a personal tally of 1-10 received the Man of the Match award from Tom Neary.

Path to the title

Round 1 Granagh-Ballingarry 1-10 Croagh-Kilfinny 1-8

Round 2 Granagh-Ballingarry 2-9 St Kieran's 0-9

Round 3 Knockaderry 2-16 Granagh-Ballingarry 1-16

Play-off Granagh-Ballingarry 5-13 Croagh-Kilfinny 0-6

Semi-final Granagh-Ballingarry 1-15 Feohanagh-Castlemahon 2-10 .

Granagh-Ballingarry’s league roll of honour

2010 captain Shane Mulqueen, Granagh-Ballingarry 2-10 Killeedy 3-2

2012 captain Peter O'Donovan, Granagh-Ballingarry 4-13 Feohanagh-Castlemahon 1-13

2015 captain Mark Tierney, Granagh-Ballingarry 1-17 Tournafulla 2-13

Last point books final spot

County Junior Hurling League semi-final



A point from a 30-metre placed ball in the final minute of normal time by Blackrock took this hard-fought contest to extra time on Thursday evening at O'Carroll Park, Ballyagran, and a long range point by man of the match John O'Grady in the final minute of the second period of extra time earned Granagh-Ballingarry a thrilling victory over unlucky Blackrock to qualify for a final against holders and All-Ireland champions Doon. The Castletown-Ballyagran club had their pitch in top condition for this game with John Paul Kiely of Fedamore in charge. It was a full blooded contest and gave the small attendance plenty to savour.

Granagh-Ballingarry playing into the dressing-room goal with the wind at their backs started the better, with points by John O'Grady from a placed ball on 2 minutes and Padraig Lynch on 4 before Barry O'Shaughnessy opened Blackrock’s account from a placed ball to leave it 0-2 to 0-1 to West champions Granagh-Ballingarry on 5 minutes. Then both sides found it hard to make scoring chances until points were exchanged by Padraig Lynch on 11 minutes and Ben Soundy on 13, Davy Flaherty on 15 and John O'Grady from a placed ball on 17 to leave Granagh-Ballingarry still one ahead 0-4 to 0-3. The highlight of this well contested first half was on 19 minutes when Granagh-Ballingarry keeper Conor Mulqueen brought off a double top-class save from Barry O'Shaughnessy. Nine minutes later Padraig Lynch found the range with his third point on 26 minutes and JohnO'Grady followed with his third from a placed ball to put Granagh-Ballingarry three ahead on 28 minutes. The last few minutes of this well-contested half saw no more scores and Granagh-Ballingarry went in leading by three points 0-6 to 0-3.

Barry O'Shaughnessy and Jack O'Donoghue had points in t he first two minutes after the interval before points for Blackrock by James O'Donovan from play on 33 minutes and a placed ball on 35 were cancelled out from placed balls by John O'Grady on 36 and 28 minutes to leave Granagh-Ballingarry still three ahead 0-9 to 0-6. Then points were exchanged from placed balls by Barry O'Shaughnessy on 40 minutes and John O'Grady on 43 before Josh Slattery with a long range point from play on 45 minutes closed the gap to t Weekly Observer, Granagh-Ballingarry 0-10 Blackrock 0-8 at the end of the third quarter. The next six minutes saw both sides miss opportunities until John O'Grady of Granagh-Ballingarry pointed from a 30 metre placed ball on 52 minutes which was cancelled out from another placed ball by James O'Doherty on 54 to leave it Granagh-Ballingarry 0-11 Blackrock 0-9 with 6 minutes to go. Then James O'Doherty closed the gap to one with a fin point on 56 minutes before referee John Paul Kiely awarded Granagh-Ballingarry a penalty on 58 minutes which the Blackrock keeper saved from John O'Grady for a 65 which O'Grady sent wide. Straight from Conor Mulqueen’s puckout Blackrock were awarded a 30 metre free which Barry O'Shaughnessy sent between the uprights to take this thrilling contest to extra time at 0-11 each.

Granagh-Ballingarry were hit with a major blow when their no. 12 was sent off in the second minute of extra time. Then Blackrock with the extra man dominated for six minutes with points by James Doherty and Barry O'Shaughnessy from placed balls and a long range point by ken Douglas to put the South champions three ahead 0-14 to 0-11 on 8 minutes. Then John O'Grady opened Granagh-Ballingarry’s extra time account after nine minutes with a point from a 30 metre placed ball followed a minute later by a goal after good work by sub Kevin O'Kelly to leave Granagh-Ballingarry one ahead 1-12 to 0-14 halway through extra time.

Colm O'Neill made the sides level once more with a point from out near the side line in the second minute of the second period of extra time. Six minutes later after inaccurate striking by both sides John O'Grady put Granagh-Ballingarry ahead from a placed ball on 18 minutes cancelled out from a placed ball from out near the side line to level again, Granagh-Ballingarry 1-13 Blackrock 0-16 with a minute to go. Just when we thought it was going to a replay, O'Grady collected from Conor mulqueen’s puck-out and sent the ball straight between the uprights to the joy of the Granagh-Ballingarry supporters. The final whistle sounded from the puckout and if was Granagh-Ballingarry Weekly Observer were celebrating a one point 1-14 to 0-16 victory to qualify for their first County Junior B Hurling League final since losing the 2012 final to Dromin-Athlacca, against holders and all champions Doon tomorrow Thursday 25th June in Hospital at 7.30pm. the Blackrock boys were gutted but were sporting in defeat and wished Granagh-Ballingarry the best of luck in the final. Granagh-Ballingarry scored 1-5 from play and 0-9 from frees; Blackrock score 0-8 from play and 0-8 from frees.

Granagh-Ballingarry: Conor Mulqueen, Mickie O'Keeffe, Eoin Cahill, Stephen Hickey, Mark Tierney, Eoin Casey, Michael Walsh, Edward Sheehy, Brian Fitzgerald, Mark Snow, Kevin Forde, Niall Cahill, Jack O'Donoghue 0-1, John O'Grady 1-10, Padraig Lynch 0-3. Subs used: Richie O'Keeffe, Kevin O'Kelly, Kevin Mulcahy, Alan Chawke and Niall Carroll.

The Blackrock scorers were Barry O'Shaughnessy 0-6, James O'Doherty 0-5, Davy Flaherty, Ben Soundy, Josh Slattery, Ken Douglas and Colm O'Neill 0-1 each.

Referee: John Paul Kiely, Fedamore.

County Junior B Hurling League Final

Hospital is the venue tomorrow Thursday 25th June at 7.30pm for the meeting of Granagh-Ballingarry and holders and All-Ireland champions Doon. A tough match is expected as Granagh-Ballingarry, who will be forced to field a very much under-strength side that evening, seek their first ever county junior B hurling title. Your support would be welcome.

West Junior B Hurling Championship round 1

The rescheduled meeting of Granagh-Ballingarry and last year’s defeated finalists Feohanagh-Castlemahon is now on Wednesday 1st July in Dromcollogher at 7.20pm. Please support.

Third win for Newcastle West

Newcastle West…3-10


Newcastle West recorded their third win in the West Junior A Football Championship to qualify for the knockout stages with a deserved victory over a very under-strength Granagh-Ballingarry, who were playing their first game of the season. Soccer star Anthony Forde was playing his first game for the black and greens since the county minor B football championship final in November 2008.

The first 30 minutes were close and exciting with two top class saves by keeper James Stack and goals by Brian Doherty paving the way for a five point 1-6 to 0-4 interval lead for the Magpies. There were good passages of football again in the second half with two goals by Darragh Woods sealing a 3-10 to 0-7 victory in a contest closer than the score suggests, as the Magpies keeper made top class saves from Edward Sheehy and a Kevin Forde penalty; while Granagh-Ballingarry suffered a ten point defeat it was a great boost for the club to see players like James Hayes, Marcus Moore, Dean Clancy, Evan Fox and Anthony Forde back wearing the black and green. Newcastle West scored 3-7 from play and 0-3 from frees; Granagh-Ballingarry scored 0-4 from playand 0-3 from frees.

Granagh-Ballingarry: James Hayes, Niall Cahill 0-1, David Clancy, Mickie O'Keeffe, Stephen Hickey, Cian Cagney 0-1, Michael Walsh, Edward Sheehy 0-1, Jack O'Donoghue 0-1, Alan Chawke, Dean Clancy 0-1, Evan Fox, Kevin Forde 0-2, Marcus Moore, Anthony Forde. The Newcastle West scorers were Darragh Woods 2-1, Seán Gleeson 0-5, Brian O'Doherty 1-0, Conor Whelan, Eoin Hurley and Declan Brouder 0-1 each.

Referee: Martin O'Doherty, Rathkeale.


County Premier Intermediate Hurling Championship

Round 3 Preview

There should be a feast of hurling at three venues, with the four fourth round games listed in the Limerick County Premier Intermediate Hurling Championship. The meeting of Bruree and Pallasgreen at Claughaun and Blackrock and Knockainey at Kilbreedy are the first two tomorrow Thursday 25th June at 7.30pm. The mouth-watering clash of Granagh Ballingarry and Pallasgreen goes ahead at Bruff and Dromin Athlacca and Garryspillane at Kilfinane on Friday evening at 7.30pm. The clash of Granagh Ballingarry and Monaleen on Friday in Bruff at 7.30pm has generated a great buzz in both clubs, as Monaleen bid to take their third brace of points and Granagh Ballingarry their second to stay in contention for the semi finals.

2015 form Granagh Ballingarry: They have won six of their nine competitive games to date this year and will enter Friday evening’s game in third place on the League Championship table on 4 points.

County Division 2 Hurling League

Granagh Ballingarry 2-16, Garryspillane 2012.

Granagh Ballingarry 4-10, Blackrock 2-10

Granagh Ballingarry 1-16, Bruff 1-13,

South Liberties 1-15, Granagh Ballingarry 0-11.

County Premier Intermediate Hurling Championship

Knockainey 1-12, Granagh Ballingarry 0-14

Garryspillane 2-13, Granagh Ballingarry 1-5

Granagh Ballingarry 0-13, Pallasgreen 0-10

West Senior Hurling Championship quarter final

Granagh Ballingarry 0-13, St. Kieran’s 0-11

West Intermediate Hurling Championship quarter final

Granagh Ballingarry 1-23, Monagea 3-13

They may have to play without former county minor and U21 star Niall Kennedy. Team manager Seamus Stapleton will be looking for a strong all round team performance and a second successive win to stay in contention for a semi final spot.

Panel: Colm Noonan, Cian Cagney, Donagh McCarthy, Bobby Houlihan, John Carroll, David Clancy, Bart Hanley, Donal O’Grady, Seán Lenihan, David Condron, Niall Kennedy, Kevin O’Connor, Pat Carroll, Den is O’Connor, Michael Clancy, Jimmy Shiels, Eoin Kennedy, Mike Carroll, Niall McCarthy, Cathal O’Keeffe, Brendan Lynch, Mark Tierney, Darren Clifford, Jack O’Donaghue, Patrick Shelton, Kevin Mulcahy, Mike Walsh, Padraig Lynch, Eoin Casey.

Manager: Seamus Stapleton, Coach: John Touhy, Selectors: Paddy Hennessy, Willie Power, Darragh O’Grady, gear: Donal Mulcahy, first aid: Breda and Laura O’Keeffe.

Monaleen: Last year’s second tier intermediate defeated finalists have won six of their eight competitive games to date this season.

City Senior Hurling Championship semi final

Na Piarsaigh 4-20, Monaleen 0-21,

County Division 3 Hurling League

Monaleen 0-26, Mungret/St. Pauls 0-10

Monaleen 4-13, St. Kieran’s 0-8

Monaleen 5-24, Knockaderry 0-10

Monaleen 2-19, Bruree 2-17

County Premier Intermediate Hurling Championship

Bruree 0-19, Monaleen 0-11

Monaleen 2-15, Dromin Ahtlacca 0-16

Monaleen 4-17, Blackrock 3-10

The city side’s progress in this year’s Premier Intermediate Hurling Championship is not a surprise as the team have a good blend of youth and experience. Andrew La Touche, Cosgrave Jamie Peter Lorcan Lyons and Edward Doyle all tasted the big time with the successful back to back Limerick Minor Hurling team, while former Limerick player Brian Geary, Damien Cosgrave, Peter Russell and Ger Collins to lead the way as they bid for a third successive win after going under to Bruree in the opening round.

Panel: Cian O’Dwyer, Darragh Madden, Damien Cosgrave, Jamie Porter, Lorcan Lyons, Brian Geary, Simon Griffin, Shane Mullane, Peter Russell, Andrew La Touche Cosgrave, Mike Doyle, Luke Murphy, Gerry Collins, Edward Doyle, John Nicholas, Jamie Power, Eamonn O’Connell, Niall Macken, Diarmuid Lehane, Mark O’Dwyer, Kevin Gleeson, Darren Walden, Daniel Power, Peter Griffin, Alan Nicholas, Leo Morrisson, Seán Power, Podge Pond, John Bartley.

Management: Edward Cosgrave, Eamonn Cosgrave, Jed O’Dwyer, Tom O’Connor, Jimmy Browne, Eamonn Doyle, Tom Murphy, trainer Alan Ward, physio Colm Moran.


The proverbial mouthwatering clash awaits us with neither side fearing the other and both confident of victory to stay in contention for the semi final, so this Friday 26th June at Bruff is the place for all Granagh Ballingarry fans at 7.30pm to cheer on the boys in black and green and their management team as they bid for a second successive win in the Premier County Intermediate Hurling Championship.

Cul Camp

The Granagh Ballingarry GAA Cul Camp for hurling, camogie and Gaelic football will take place from Monday 13th to Friday 17th July at the Granagh Ballingarry GAA field. A great week of dun is guaranteed for your child. You can book online at the moment at on applications form will be available shortly. Attendance is open to primary school children aged 6 to 13 and the cost is €55 for first child, €45 for second and €40 for third and subsequent children. For any queries contact Donagh McCarthy, camp co-ordinator on 086 1233772.

Club Draw

The next Granagh-Ballingarry GAA club monthly draw takes place in Barrett’s Bar, Ballingarry, this Friday June 26th at 9.30pm. Thank you to all our punters for their continued support.

Munster Hurling Championship semi final

Limerick’s bid to reach their third successive Munster Senior Hurling Championship Final ended when going under to a heavy 4-23 to 1-16 defeat at the hands of Tipperary at Pairc na nGael on Sunday. In the curtainraiser Liemrick Intermediate hurlers were impressive 1-23 to 2-13 winners over Tipperary to qualify for a final meeting with Cork on Wednesday 8th July at 7.30pm. Venue to be confirmed.

€8,300 jackpot on Monday

There was no winner of the €8,200 jackpot in the Granagh Ballingarry GAA club lottery on Monday 22nd June at Condron’s Bar, Ballingarry. The numbers drawn were 13, 14, 25 and 31. The lucky dips of €20 each went to John O’Connor, John O’Keeffe,Tom Burke, Mrs Hayes, and David Morrissey. The next draw is on Monday 29th June at the Rock Bar, Granagh, for a jackpot of €8,300. We thank all our punters for their continued support.


The Granagh Ballingarr Bord na nOg church gate collection went well last weekend and collected 610 between the two Masses. Once again, thanks for your continued support.

Limerick Club Draw

The next draw is this Saturday 27th June at Limerick 95FM Sports studio. Thank you to all the members who have already joined Limerick GAA club draw through Granagh Ballingarry GAA club.

Club Diary

Wednesday 24th June: County U14 Hurling Championship Division 2 Round 2 Kildimo Pallaskenry v Granagh Ballingarry in Kildimo at 7.14pm.

County Senior Hurling Championship, Round 3, South Liberties v Effin in Bruff at 7.30pm.

Thursday 25th June: County Junior B Hurling League Final Granagh Ballingarry v Doon in Hospital at 7.30pm.

County Junior A Football League Final Cappagh v Kildimo/Pallaskenry in Adare at 7.30pm

County Junior B Football League Final: Ballysteen v Ballybricken-Boherbue in Caherdavin at 7.30pm.

County Premier Intermediate Hurling Championship Round 4 Bruree v Pallasgreen in Claughaun at 7.30pm, Blackrock v Knockainey in Kilbreedy at 7.30pm

Friday 15th June: County Premier Intermediate Hurling Championship Round 4: Granagh Ballingarry v Monaleen in Bruff at 7.30pm. Dromin Athlacce v Garryspillane in Kilfinane at 7.30pm.

County Senior Hurling Championship Round 3

Kilmallock v Murroe-Boher in Caherconlish at 7.30pm, Adare v Na Piarsaigh in Clarina at 7.30pm.

West Junior A Hurling Championship Group 1 Round 2

Adare v Monagea in Ballingarry at 7.30pm.

Granagh Ballingarry GAA club draw in Barrett’s Bar, Ballingarry at 9.30pm

Saturday 27th June: County Senior Hurling Championship Round 3

Bruff v Ballybrown Seán Finns Park, Rathkeale, at 7.30pm. Ahane v Patrickswell in Claughaun at 7.30pm.

County Intermediate Hurling Championship Round 3

Mungret/St. Paul’s v Caherline in Mungret at 7.30pm

Sunday 28th June: All Ireland Senior Football Championship Round 1

Qualifier Limerick v Tyrone in Omagh at 4pm. County Intermediate Hurling Championship Round 3

Hospital Herbertstown v Claughaun in Caherconlish at 7.30pm.

Wednesday 1st July: West Junior B Hurling Championship, Group 2, Round 1

Granagh Ballingarry v Feohanagh Castlemahon in Dromcollogher at 7.30pm.

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